Michael Angelo's® Three Cheese Baked Ziti 11 oz. Box

Ziti pasta smothered in a delicate cream sauce with a hint of garlic, parmesan, and white wine, topped with mozzarella and romano. One servings. No preservatives. Wholesome simple ingredients. Inspired by Italian traditions. Microwaveable. Homemade taste. New look. Same great taste. Taste so Italian, words alone can't describe it. The aroma of freshly chopped garlic. He sound of sauce bubbling. The buzz of the kitchen. The joy of the meal. Warm hearts. Raised voices. Hands flying. That's what's inside this, and every Michael Angelo's recipe. Wholesome, simple ingredients-hand-picked, diced, stirred, and simmered with passion to bring out the very best flavor-our family recipes passed down through the generations. For over 100 years we've only made Italian because that's what we know best. Nonna just wouldn't have it any other way. Italian Tip No. 3: The secret to our three cheese baked ziti is the parmesan, mozzarella, and romano cheeses. Every cheese in our three cheese baked ziti has a delicious purpose. The parmesan in the cream sauce adds a sharp, crisp flavor. The mozzarella melts in between the ziti pasta delivering a creamy texture. Last but not least, we sprinkle romano on top for a savory finish. It's a perfect trio of tasty. Mangia - let's eat! Please recycle. Learn more www.michaelangelos.com. Made in USA.

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