SWEET EARTH The Santa Cruz Burrito 7.0 oz. Pack

Sweet Earth Natural Foods® Veggie The Santa Cruz Burrito. Pacific Grove California™. The Burrito Abides™. A California classic blend of pinto beans, Monterey jack cheese, oregano & tangy salsa. High in vitamins C, B1, folate & calcium. 19g protein. 8g fiber. Melty goodness. Net wt. 7.0 oz (198g). We use enlightened food. Every Santa Cruz burrito is an intentional blend of plant-based protein, ancient grains, fresh vegetables & beneficial herbs & spices. Worldly & local. Wherever you are, share the craft of our California kitchen. Monterey jack cheese. Homemade salsa. Oregano. Pinto beans. Anaheim chili peppers. All natural and high protein. sweetearthfoods.com.

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