Ling Ling® Japanese Style Yakitori Chicken Fried Rice 22 oz. Box

Japanese-style rice infused with our signature sweet soy umami sauce, combined with grilled yakitori-style white meat chicken, yellow & orange carrots, leeks, edamame, peas, red bell peppers & fire roasted corn. New! All natural (No artificial ingredients; minimally processed). 23 g protein per serving. No preservatives. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. Ling Ling Brings You Flavors of Japan: On the crowded streets of Tokyo and Osaka, yakitori stalls sell succulent pieces of chicken grilled over an open flame with their trademark dark, sweet sauce. Ling Ling's home-style version combines white meat chicken grilled yakitori-style with long grain rice, yellow and orange carrots, leeks, edamame, peas, red bell peppers and fire roasted corn. At Ling Ling, our chefs combine the finest ingredients with a deep knowledge of authentic cuisines to bring the true flavors of Asia to every meal. For comments & more information, visit us at: Made in the USA.

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