Kontos Spanakopita 12 Ea

12 portions. Spinach & a blend of cheeses wrapped in flaky fillo dough. Bake & serve. 100% vegetarian. Lunch. Snacks. Appetizers. Find us on Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Kontos Foods. www.kontos.com. Pledge of Quality: Kontos is the most trusted name in traditional Eastern Mediterranean foods. For more than 60 years we have produced premium products using the finest ingredients and time-honored methods. The Kontos name will always be our guarantee of quality and flavor. A delicious blend of spinach, cheese, and savory spices folded into Kontos tissue-thin fillo dough. Kontos Spanakopita - A traditional Eastern Mediterranean finger food that bakes to a warm, golden brown triangle with a delicate crunch and a light, healthy filling. Serve as an elegant appetizer. Add a couple of triangles to a luncheon soup or salad. Bake a package for a satisfying family snack. It's the versatile food just perfect for all occasions. Keep a couple of packages in your freezer - you'll find plenty to celebrate! Tip: Look for Kontos tyropita triangles in your market's freezer case. They're deliciously different. Served together, our spanakopita and tyropita make a great pairing. Made in the USA.

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