Jackfruit Jackfruit Bowl, Teriyaki 9 Oz

With edamame, crisp veggies + rice in a sweet/savory sesame tamari sauce. Non-GMO. Certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization. Vegan. 8 g of protein per serving. Excellent source of fiber. Tear into Balanced Nutrition: Excellent source of fiber and vitamins A, B, K; 8 g of protein per serving; Good source of potassium, calcium & iron. Jack of all foods. Real-life jackfruit. Just jackfruit & good, clean food. Cook & have at it! Know Jack: Jackfruit [Jak-froot]: N a delicious miracle food, packed full of fiber, low in calories and good any darn time you're hungry. King of Versatility: You can eat it like a meat, veggie or fruit. Hugest Tree-Borne Fruit: Grows to a whopping 100 lbs! All for the Farmers: Straight-from-farm supply chains that put $ back in farmers' pockets. We're About Making Things Better: good eats; farmers' lives; our footprint. Fuss-Free Meals: Who said you can't get your favorite meals quick and packed full of tasty goodness? Not Jack, that's for sure. Make it Your Own: Downright delectable as we've made it, but for a nutty take on this classic, add toasted peanuts, or sweeten it up a notch with fresh diced pineapple. Unearth all the wonder of this delicious jack of all foods at TheJackfruitCompany.com.

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