Van Leeuwen French Ice Cream, Sicilian Pistachio 14 Oz

Sicilian Pistachio: On the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily, grow the finest pistachios on earth. Certified by the International Slow Food Institute, this variety of pistachio grows in the rugged landscape of Bronte and nowhere else. It is here that they acquire their unique, brilliant emerald green color, intense resinous fragrance and incredible taste. For this special flavor, we use nothing more than these nuts ground into a fine paste. Our Story: We began in the spring of 2008 out of a scoop truck in Brooklyn, New York, Our ice cream is made in small batches with fresh milk and cream, pure cane sugar and egg yolks. We obsessively source the best ingredients in the world to create each flavor. Enjoy! - Ben, Pete & Laura. Instagram: (at)vanleeuwenicecream.

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