Blue Bunny Ice Cream, Reduced Fat, Cinnamon Cereal 8 Ea

Cinnamon cereal flavored reduced fat ice cream dipped in a vanilla flavored coating topped with cinnamon cereal pieces all inside a cinnamon cone. New. Mmm! So hoppin' good. They taste even bigger in person. Yum! Bunny, we shrunk the treats. First baby carrots, not this?! 140 cal per cone. Ice cream fat reduced 30% from regular ice cream, from 10 g to 7 g per 100 g. Se nutrition information for saturated fat content. Not a reduced fat food. Top that! The vanilla coating with crunchy cinnamon cereal pieces truly makes this love at first bite. Crunch time! Hold onto your cinnamon cone, 'cause that waffle texture makes for an extra crispy crunch. Simply cinn-sational! Our creamy cinnamon cereal ice cream will total swirl your world. Inside tip! Psst, there's a tasty treasure buried in here. Like these? Hop on over to the freezer section to discover more fun & flavorful Blue Bunny varieties. Recyclable. Years & years with bunny ears. Since 1913. Blu's Hoppy Thought: Wanna hide these from the rest of the family? Empty this carton into a frozen brussel sprouts package. They'll never find 'em in there. Find your hoppy place. Blu wants you to share your favorite place to enjoy your Blue Bunny treats on and: Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.

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