Fatboy Freeze Tigers Bloodfree

Cream pops. Good source of vitamins A & C. New. Per 3 fl oz Serving: 100 calories; 0 g trans fat; 15 mg sodium; 18 g sugars. FatBoy has packed the fun into frozen treats. Introducing FatBoy Freeze Pops, the coolest treat in the freezer aisle. These delicious Squeezups are the perfect cool treat for any age, any time! Try all five flavors! Follow FatBoy: Fun contests, great prizes, product announcements and more! Facebook: facebook.com/fatboyicecream. Instagram: (at)fatboyicecream. Twitter: (at)fatboyicecream. YouTube: youtube.com/fatboyicecreamcom. Questions or Concerns: fatboyicecream.com. Made in the USA.

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