N!Ck's Swedish Vanilj

Swedish-style light ice cream. 1 Pint: 240 calories. 5 g net carbs per serving (Net carbs = Total carbohydrates - fiber - polyols - allulose). No sugar added (see nutrition facts for calorie and sugar content. FDA does not list allulose as sugar in nutrition facts labels). Keto-friendly. Swedish-style light ice cream (contains 75% fewer calories than regular ice cream [Nick's Swedish Vanilj Light Ice Cream contains 60 calories compared to 237 calories in regular ice cream]). Keto-friendly. Into Swedish minimalism? You're about to be. Classic vanilla is sometimes misunderstood. Anyone can make good ice cream when it's packed with delicious skrap. But to make decadent, refined vanilla, you must be an ice cream master - and then to make it low-calorie, whoa. One taste of our Swedish Vanilj and you'll be craving that sweet Swedish minimalism for the rest of your spoon-licking life. Sa creamy! www.nicks.com. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. (hashtag)nicksicecreams.

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