Iskream Ice Cream Bars, Vanilla Bean

Dipped in rich Belgium milk chocolate. No sugar added. Naturally sweetened with stevia. Only 150 calories per bar. You know you're an Iskream maniac when - the concept of making the Olympic Team in 2020 is highly possible if I can move a meeting or two. The Beginning: Susan and Biagio met at his restaurant where she sold him indulging ice cream from her artisan creamery. Over one, two, three cappuccinos they tinkered around with the idea to make rich indulging treats but without the refined sugars or the fake artificial substitutes. That was when stevia was born into Iskream. Every day since they have been on a journey crafting and perfecting tasty and delicious ice cream you will love and feel good about. Thanks for choosing Iskream! Our Iskream Maniacs mean everything to us! We would love to hear your feed back or just say Hi. - Susan/Wizard - ice cream maker and Biagio/SuperHero - Chef. Gluten free. No artificial flavors. Reduced fat. Naturally sweetened. Iskream: The outrageously delicious, naturally sweet, reduced fat ice cream enthusiastically chosen by active healthy people (Iskream maniacs) who also happen to be super cool. Are you an Iskream maniac? Tell us why on Facebook and Twitter! Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest.

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