Snickers Ice Cream, Reduced Fat, Vanilla 16 fl oz

You're not you when you're hungry! Satisfy your tastebuds by enjoying a scoop of SNICKERS Vanilla Ice Cream. Made with creamy vanilla ice cream, chocolatey peanuts, smooth caramel, and SNICKERS pieces, not having this pint in your freezer is a rookie mistake. With two desserts in one, SNICKERS Ice Cream takes satisfaction to a new, frozen level. Give a new meaning to cake and ice cream and serve a scoop of SNICKERS Ice Cream at birthday parties and other celebrations. Summer picnics, movie nights, and Monday night football will never be the same once family and friends get their hands on this chocolatey and nutty frozen treat. Don't forget to stock your freezer with SNICKERS Ice Cream novelties. You're only a moment away from a tasty treat with this SNICKERS Ice Cream. Add SNICKERS Vanilla Ice Cream Pint to your cart today.

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