Good Humor Vanilla Viennetta

Good Humor Vanilla Viennetta Frozen Dairy Dessert Cake combines wavy vanilla ice cream between crisp chocolatey layers. If you're looking for the perfect frozen dessert cake for a celebration, you'll love our Vanilla Viennetta frozen dairy dessert cake. This delicious frozen dairy cake can be enjoyed at birthdays, holidays, BBQs, or even as an after dinner treat. Just slice this perfection proportioned frozen dairy dessert cake and enjoy! It doesn’t matter if you’re 9 or 99; Good Humor frozen treats transport you to a brighter, sunnier place where all the serious stuff of life seems to, well, melt away. Good Humor Ice Cream is the taste of America. Our product philosophy celebrates the classic flavors and dessert formats that Americans have grown to love. Originally inspired by classics like strawberry shortcake, we use dessert inspiration to reimagine frozen treat versions of America’s favorites. We know that ice cream is fun for families, and we develop products that feature tastes and textures that appeal to everyone in the family — in doing so, we want to help bring families together. Kids might love a classic ice cream cone or frozen dessert bar, while parents look for an indulgent cookie sandwich. Whatever the cravings, we have something for everyone.

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