Hostess Suzy Q's 8 Ea

8 individually wrapped cakes. Chocolate cake layers with creamy filling. She's back! Scott's been craving them. Facebook: What would I do for a Suzy Q. I would definitely buy more than a few, and I would share one with all of you that are feeding so blue. That's what I would do, because we all want a Suzy Q!!! - Chad. Facebook: I love Suzy Q's!!! - Sarah. Facebook: Suzy Q's and an ice cold glass of milk. Pure bliss!!!! - Alan. Facebook: Woo hoo!!! Is this a dream?!!! I've been waiting for their return! - Charisse. Facebook: I want a Suzy Q! That's all I ask for. A moist, chocolatey, creamy filled rectangle of deliciousness. - Dom. Instagram: We want (hash tag) SuzyQs back! (hash tag) TwoChocolate - CakeSmotheringCreamFilling. Facebook: Best part of eating a Suzy Q is licking the last bit of cream off your fingers. - Jamie. Instagram: Yay they are back!!! (hash tag) suzyqs. (hash tag) awesome. (hash tag) happy. Facebook: I woke up wanting a Suzy Q. This was my favorite childhood snack! - Maria. Hostess Quality Commitment: At Hostess we care deeply about our customers and are committed to providing you with quality bakery products. We welcome your comments and questions. 1-800-483-7253 or Please have packaging available. Recyclable. Twitter - cmstkf1 at taralew51233003: at Hostess_Snacks Oh how I love Hostess and Suzy Q's are on the list of many favorites. Chocolaty cake yummy cream. Delish. I'll take a case! 3:40 pm - 24 Aug 2015. Hostess Snacks: We love to hear that! We hope the delish keeps a smile on your face for years to come.

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