Dole Blueberries 32 Oz

Field fresh flavor. Picked ripe. Fresh frozen. All natural fruit. No sugar added. At Dole, we know that fruit should be allowed to ripen in the field where it reaches its maximum flavor. It's exactly that point that we freeze it to lock in all its natural goodness. By limiting the time from when the fruit is picked to when it is fresh frozen, we are able to provide you with fruit that is juicy, bursting with flavor, and packed with nutrients. Dole Blueberries are harvested at the peak of the season to ensure you're getting only the finest quality fruit available. Each juicy berry is washed and ready to eat. Dole Blueberries are a good source of dietary fiber in addition to being one of nature's leading antioxidant fruits. Inside this package of Dole Fresh Frozen Fruit, you'll find 100% fruit, with no artificial flavors or colors added. It's healthy nutrition you can feel good about. Diets rich in fruits & vegetables may reduce the risk of some types of cancer and other chronic diseases. - National Cancer Institute.

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