Campoverde Blenders, Fruit & Veggie, Acai Energizing Power

With pre-cut fruits and vegetables. Acai. Kale. Apple. Strawberry. Blueberry. Fresh from the fields. Makes healthy and delicious. Acai: Antioxidant superfood. Just add water, juice or milk. Blend and serve! Contains 4 convenient pre-portioned mixes. Campoverde Fruit & Veggie Blenders provide the perfect balance of fruit and vegetables with the benefits of acai. Our Acai Energizing Power Blend is a tasty combination of kale, apple, strawberry, blueberry and acai. It's delicious and nutritious, packed with the health benefits your body needs: powerful immune system supporter; high in vitamin A & C for healthy skin; great source of vitamin K for healthy bones; rich in heart-healthy omegas. Also try our other blends. 100% fruit & vegetables with acai. Contains 4 pre-portioned 8.5 oz fruit & veggie bags and 4 pre-portioned 3.5 oz acai bags. Acai from Brazil, kale from Belgium, blueberries, strawberries and apples from Chile.

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