Eggo Frozen Waffles, Chocolatey Chip Banana 12.3 Oz

Serve up smiles with every plate of warm, fluffy Kellogg's Eggo Chocolatey Chip Banana Waffles. Each bite brings the crispiness of Eggo Waffles plus the sweetness of chocolate flavor and bananas for an irresistible morning treat. Crafted with delicious ingredients, these satisfying frozen waffles contain no artificial color or flavors and provide a good source of eight vitamins and minerals. Ideal for busy days, simply heat, eat, and head out the door; Conveniently packaged in a resealable bag so you can freeze the rest for later. Enjoy Eggo Waffles beyond breakfast, too. Make them a quick bite between family meals. Try some as a sweet midday snack for kids. Serve a plate when having breakfast for dinner. Or add indulgent toppings and turn Eggo Waffles into dessert. So toasty-warm and fun to eat, it's a breakfast win-win every time you L'Eggo with Eggo.

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