Earth's Best 123 Sesame Street Organic Homestyle Mini French Toast Bites 8 Oz Box

Yummy & tasty. The Earth's best way to grow. No hydrogenated oils. Ingredients are grown in organic farms with no artificial flavors or colors and no potentially harmful pesticides. A wholesome part of a complete breakfast made with organic whole wheat flour, no hydrogenated oils and 0 g trans fat per serving. Kids will love the taste and parents will love the nutrition. So sprinkle sprinkle! For added fiber and fun, give your child toasted wheat germ to sprinkle on top of their Mini French Toast Bites. Dipping fun! Instead of syrup, provide low-fat yogurt or apple sauce for your child to use as a nutritious dip. Fruity choo-choo trains! Allow your child to top their Mini French Toast Bites with colorful sliced fruit like strawberries and together, have fun imagining them as edible choo-choo trains.

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