Edwards Chocolate Creme Pie 2.67 oz. Box

Edwards Desserts: From our decadent, velvety layers to our fresh-from-the-oven cookie crumb crusts, Edwards desserts are meticulously whipped, toasted, sprinkled and drizzled to extravagant perfection. We even prepare, bake and crush our own cookies, because a pie is only as good as its crust. EdwardsDesserts.com. Facebook. Instagram. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. 866-Rdy2-Eat (866-739-2328). Experience more tempting flavors like Key Lime Pie at EdwardsDesserts.com. Edwards Desserts How do we 'dessert' right? Starting with a fresh-from-the-oven cookie crust, each dessert is crafted with layer after velvety layer of sweet creme delight and dusted with the most decadent of toppings.

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