Carbonaut Bread, Gluten Free, Seeded 19 Oz

Gluten free bread that's genuinely out of this world. We the bakers at Carbonaut are on a mission: to go where no Gluten Free bread has gone before. We’re transforming the Gluten Free space into a bread lover's utopia. And we're keeping it Keto, too. Now, no matter what your body thinks about gluten or net carbs, you can truly enjoy the goodness of great bread. The perfect chewy texture. The burnished golden crust. The network of airy pockets that gives each slice the ability to stand up to gravity. You're wondering how on earth this is even possible. Toast it. Taste it. Be blown away. Is baking the perfect gluten free low net carb bread actually rocket science? Maybe not. But until now, it’s been one of the great mysteries of the universe.

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