Bueno Green Chile, Chopped, Extra Hot 13 Oz

Flame roasted for flavor. From our family to yours. Since 1951. Our roasting method caramelizes the sugars in the chile for natural roasted flavor. It does not cook the product. Keep New Mexico Green! Did you know New Mexico's favorite crop is in peril? New Mexico's chile acreage is down by 73% of what was grown in 1992, at its peak. And today, 82% of chile consumer in the USA if foreign grown (from Mexico, Peru, China, and India). You can be sure our chile is grown in the fertile fields of new Mexico's chile belt and along the Rio Grande and Hatch River Valleys where the best chile in the world is grown. For generations, chile has been our heritage, the pride and joy of New Mexican culture, the heart and soul of our local cuisine. By choosing Bueno, you are keeping the New Mexican Chile tradition alive. Thank you for choosing the very best. - The Baca family. www.buenofoods.com. keepnewmexicogreen.org. New Mexico grown guaranteed.

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