Brooklyn Pizza Dough 2 Ct

Brooklyn Pizza Dough™. All natural. No preservatives. Get the real taste of New York pizza! Bakes to a crispy crunch! Made in Brooklyn, NY. 2-16oz pieces. The birth place of American pizza. In 1897 an Italian immigrant arrived in New York City in the area known as "little Italy". From the grocery he opened he started serving a delicacy of bread with tomato sauce topping. He eventually opened the first "pizzeria" store in 1905. Since then the pizza pie has seen never ending popularity and product growth. Although pizza is made all thru the country, none can compare with an original New York pie for taste and texture. It is apparent that the use of New York City water results in producing the most delectable pizza. Now real New York pizza dough makes it possible for anyone anywhere to enjoy the fun of making their own pizza with the "real taste" of a New York pizza pie! For more information visit us at: or Email us at: ©Real New York Pizza Dough Inc.

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