New York® Soft Pull Aparts™ Garlic Bread 12 oz. Box

Bread for sharing. Whether it's dinner with your family or a gathering with friends, nothing brings people together quite like the taste of something truly delicious. Our Soft Pull Aparts are a great tasting bread that's meant to be shared with those you care about. With 8 distinctive, hand-crafted rolls to a loaf and our signature garlic and herb spread reaching every crevice, each bite has an irresistible flavor and soft texture that everyone will enjoy. With generations of baking experience brought to your table, our Soft Pull Aparts will turn any occasion into a moment worth sharing. Wrapped in an oven ready bag. No cutting, no crumbs and no mess. Microwavable. Craving some more? We can help satisfy any appetite and occasion. For pasta time! For salad time! Visit us at: 100% recycled paperboard. Please recycle.

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