Birds Eye Family Skillets, Garlic Chicken 36 Oz

Rotelli pasta and seasoned white chicken in a garlic sauce with broccoli, corn & carrots. Our signature meal! We take tender cuts of grilled white chicken, crisp broccoli, sweet corn and carrots, then toss them all together with pasta in a flavorful garlic seasoning. Simple and delicious for the whole family! What's our secret to convenient meals? We start with Birds Eye's best vegetables picked at the peak of ripeness; add the right cuts of meat; combine with our chef-inspired sauces and seasonings - and voila! A complete, delicious meal every time! Each serving is a delicious way to eat smart. The chicken in this meal is high in protein. The broccoli in this meal is high in vitamin C, The carrots in this meal are a good source of vitamin A. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture.

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