Enova Cooking & Salad Oil

Diacylglycerol oil. Yes! Healthy eating now tastes good! Less is stored in the body as fat. Enjoy Enova brand oil and enjoy your health! We start with all-natural soy and canola. Our patented process then converts them into a versatile, great-tasting cooking oil with special characteristics. Clinical studies show that less of Enova Oil is stored in the body as fat, compared to other conventional oils. Enova oil is digested and absorbed by the body the same way as other traditional oils, but Enova oil is metabolized in a slightly different way. Use Enova oil as you would other cooking and salad oils. It's perfect for dressings and sauces, baking, stir-fry and even deep frying, and you won't taste the difference. Enova: More of the oil that's burned as energy, not stored as fat. Enova Brand Oil Also Offers the Following Benefits: Naturally cholesterol free. An excellent source of Vitamin E. Lower saturated fat than conventional cooking and salad oils (see nutrition facts). No need to refrigerate.

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