Eat Smart Chili Lime Crunch Kit

Salad & toppings 8.0 oz (227 g). Dressing 2.0 oz (196 fl oz) 60 ml. No colors, flavors, preservatives, and sweeteners from artificial flavors. Flavors of the world. New! Vegetable & romaine salad blend. Chili lime tortilla strips. Dried corn. Monterey jack cheese. Lime cumin ranch dressing. 100% clean ingredients. Flavors of Mexico. No high fructose corn syrup. Flavors of the World: Exciting flavors from across the globe! Discover the world's most delicious foods, ready to toss and eat. Authentic flavors and fresh ingredients come together in this exciting collection of global favorites. Chili Lime Crunch Salad: Let's talk salad. This bright and crunchy salad is a Tex-Mex favorite. Fresh romaine, cabbage, kale and carrots are tossed with lime cumin ranch dressing and topped with crispy corn, jack cheese and chili lime tortilla chips. Every mouthful is creamy, crunchy, refreshing and delicious. From Zero to Salad in Minutes: Open this bag of veggies and pour what you want into a bowl. Add toppings and dressing to your heart's desire. Mix well, enjoy, and tell your friends you're eating smart! What it means to Eat Smart: It's time to be healthy and eat happy. With Eat Smart, the food you should eat is also the food you love to eat. Only the freshest and tasty, 100% goodness goes into every bag. Up your Eat Smart iq by giving us a ring at 1-800-626-2746, or visit Try them all: Thai Style Chili Mango, Mexican Fiesta, Chili Lime Crunch. Product of USA.

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