Sclafani Tomato Puree, Heavy Concentrated

Sclafani Extra Thick Tomato Puree. A Gus Sclafani brand. All natural. Fresh packed. *When the ingredients of other brands state: tomato puree (water, tomato paste) it means the product was reconstituted from industrial tomato concentrates. **Powerful antioxident, found naturally in tomatoes. Our tomato puree is packed directly from the highest quality fresh whole California tomatoes. The delicious consistency of this product is a result of pureeing ripe tomatoes and reducing them to a thick texture for more yield. Contains no added salt. *Not a remanufactured product. Vine ripened. Quality since 1911. No calcium chloride. A good source of vitamins A & C. A source of lycopene**. Create a masterpiece, just add your own special spices or meat to make a hearty gravy or use as a premium ingredient in your favorite recipes. In 1911, our founder, Gus Sclafani introduced a delicious line of specialty food products to bring the rich tradition of Italian cooking to America. The high standards of quality he set then, continue today. Buon Appetito!

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