Boars Head Charcuterie

Genoa Salame. Bianco D'oro Italian Dry Salame. Hot Calabrese Salame. Peppered Salame. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Hot Calabrese Salame: Inspired by the Calabria region of Italy, this zesty Salame is a blend of coarsely ground pork and savory spices including red pepper. Genoa Salame: Handcrafted according to century-old Salumiere traditions, Genoa boasts a robust flavor from an expert blend of pork, spices, and peppercorns. Peppered Salame: An American West Coast inspired Salame. Hand-trimmed pork blended with wine and Italian style seasonings hand-rolled in coarse black pepper for a deep, rich flavor. Bianco D'Oro Italian Dry Salame: A rich blend of coarsely ground pork with wine and Italian style seasonings. At Boar's Head Brand, we believe in crafting our charcuterie using Old World traditions for exceptionally delicious artisan meats. Charcuterie is the time honored art of curing meats. Based on recipes handed down through generations, select cuts of meat are blended with spices, then dry cured to preserve the meat's taste and texture for authentic flavors sure to please. Boar's Head Charcuterie paired with our delectable cheeses are the foundation for an exquisite antipasto board. Look for a variety of flavors, textures, aromas, and colors when choosing items and then arrange on a unique wooden cutting board or heirloom serving tray for an antipasto board that is memorable and elegant.

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