On The Border® Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Rounds 11 oz. Bag

Mexican grill & cantina. No MSG. Sea salt. For over 20 years, we've been making delicious, crispy, authentic tortilla chips. Now we're doing it organically. No artificial ingredients: Our Organic Tortilla Chips contain nothing but the good stuff. No artificial flavors or colors. Nothing but organic, non-GMO ingredients. Only three ingredients. When it comes to our On The Border Organic Tortilla Chips, we believe less is more-more delicious! That's why you'll fine only three simple ingredients in our chips, corn, expeller-pressed oil and sea salt. That's it. Certified Organic: From the moment the corn is planted to the time our chips arrive at your local market, we are committed to ensuring that every ingredient and every process we use to craft our chips is organic. That's how we deliver certified organic On The Border tortilla chips that taste simply amazing.

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