Mama Geraldine's Cookies Pecan Cini-Minis Cookies

All natural. With cinnamon and pecans! Make every day bodacious! Zero trans fat. When Geraldine's daughter, Cathy, created Geraldine's Bodacious Food Company she had one ideal in mind. It's gotta be bodacious to be Geraldine's. That's why we only use all natural ingredients, no trans fat and very low sodium in everything we bake. If you like our snacks, please tell your friends, after all, it is bodacious to share! No preservatives. Geraldine has become well known for her wedding cookies. When her niece Kelly decided to tie the knot in Santa Barbara, Geraldine promised to be there with a special cookie created just for her. Kelly had always been a favorite of Geraldine's because she was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. Kelly, taking advantage of the sunny California weather, had planned the perfect garden wedding. Unfortunately, as the wedding approached the forecast predicted nothing but rain and the night of the bachelor party the groom confided in Geraldine that he had misplaced the ring. I just had it a minute ago, he told her. Geraldine could see was not shaping up to be the wedding Kelly had planned. She added cinnamon an toasted pecans to her traditional recipe and popped the cookies into the oven with a wish and a prayer. Unbeknownst to Geraldine, that night the groom fell asleep in the kitchen. He awoke with a ferocious hunger and decided to sample Geraldine's cookies. He bit into one and low and behold there was the missing wedding ring. The skies parted to a beautiful sunny day and Kelly's wedding went off without a hitch thanks to Geraldine, her cookies and her wedding day wish.

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