Dreaming Cow Yogurt Drink, Grassfed, Peach Ginger 12 Oz

Pumpkin & carrot. 1 full serving of veggies. 20 bil probiotics. 12 g protein. 100% pasture raised cows. Gluten free. Grass fed 365 days a year. From Our Family Farm: Made with grassfed whole milk exclusively from our family farm where cows live barn-free and graze on lush green grass year-round. Kyle & Janelle, founders. Graze your standards. dreamingcow.com. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Wholesome nutrition. Full serving of vegetables (One serving equals 1/2 cup of juice. Daily recommendation: 5 servings of a variety of vegetables, including whole vegetables, for a 2,000 calorie diet [MyPlate]). Nutrient Rich: Excellent source of calcium, riboflavin, biotin, vitamin C and vitamin A. Good source of iron, potassium and vitamin B6. Over 20 Billion Probiotics: BB-12 probiotics have been clinically proven to help support immune and digestive health. Full fat grass-fed milk. Whole milk yogurt straight from our own 100% pasture raised, barn free cows. Made with milk from happy cows not treated with hormones. Crafted in South Georgia.

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