Oui D/F Vanilla Yogurt

Meet the Oui that's dairy free with Oui by Yoplait Vanilla Dairy Free Yogurt Alternative. Just like traditional French yogurt, this recipe begins with simple ingredients like real vanilla extract and cane sugar, poured into individual glass pots. Instead of milk, Oui dairy free yogurt alternative is made from coconut for creaminess. Each jar of dairy free Oui contains no artificial flavors or colors. The result is unparalleled texture and taste for pure enjoyment in every spoonful. Find a moment in your day for the simple pleasure of creamy vanilla. Leave your desk for a picnic in the park. Sit on a sidewalk bench to people watch between spoonfuls. Savor one for part of breakfast when you're the first to rise. Life's too short not to say Oui. This deliciously thick vanilla yogurt alternative is best experienced without stirring. Each Oui yogurt jar is recyclable and reusable. The glass pot protects the delicate, creamy texture until the moment you pick up a spoon. Keep Oui flavored yogurt cold in the refrigerator until you're ready to enjoy a gluten free snack. Say Oui to the French way with Oui French Style Yogurt and Layered Desserts.

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