Dannon Yogurt & Toppings, Fat Free, Strawberry Cheesecake, Greek Crunch 5 Oz

Looking for a delicious fat free yogurt with unique, crunchy toppings? Give your taste buds a reason to rejoice with a Dannon Light + Fit Strawberry Cheesecake Crunch Greek Fat Free Yogurt Cup. Fat free strawberry cheesecake Greek yogurt with graham crackers and white chocolate topping lets you switch things up. At Light + Fit, our goal is to help you do you by serving up some delightfully creamy Greek yogurt with sensational flavor and incredible crunch. This fat free Greek yogurt with toppings comes in single-serve cups, so you can live your life uninterrupted and enjoy them on the go. And with 130 calories and 11g of protein per 5 ounce serving, it’s a delicious, convenient option. Pack the cups and enjoy them at work or as post-workout gluten free snacks. Plus, these creamy yogurt cups can transform into a bold, yummy whipped cream topping for desserts – just sprinkle on the topping for a unique crunch. Add some Light to your day, every day, with a single serving snack cup of Dannon Light + Fit Strawberry Cheesecake Crunch Greek Fat Free Yogurt.

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