Two Good Yogurt, Raspberry, Low Fat 5.3 oz

Brighten your day with a cup of Two Good Greek Raspberry Lowfat Yogurt. These smooth, creamy treats are packed with fruity flavor. Every 5.3-ounce serving is an irresistible delight with 80 calories, 2 grams of total sugar, and 12 grams of protein. Even better, it’s conveniently packaged in single-serve cups for easy, on-the-go enjoyment. *Two Good has 80% less sugar (2g per 5.3 oz) than average Greek yogurt (10g per 5.3 oz) **Not a medical food. Two Good is many things, but it’s not two good to be true. Our deliciously creamy Greek yogurt is made with a patent-pending, slow-straining process that leaves it with 80% less sugar than average Greek yogurts.* As a part of the B Corp community, we’re committed to doing more with less and creating products that are both good for your taste buds and good for the planet. Doing good is about to become a whole lot more delicious.

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