Oikos Yogurt, Greek, Lemon Meringue Flavored, Blended 4 Ea

From your first spoonful to your last, every bite of Oikos Lemon Meringue Whole* Milk Greek Yogurt is an indulgent creamy delight. Full of lemon meringue flavor, this whole milk Greek yogurt not only tastes great but also provides you with 11 grams of high-quality protein and is a good source of calcium. For your convenience, it comes packaged in single-serve cups, making it a great option for snacking on the go. At Oikos, Greek yogurt is more than just a delicious treat. Our Greek yogurt is made using a traditional straining method that removes some of the liquid whey, resulting in a creamy-thick texture and a higher concentration of protein. So take a tasty plunge into our wide selection of yogurts and yogurt drinks, and let Oikos show you how Greek yogurt is done. *Contains 2.5g of saturated fat.

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