Sargento Balanced Breaks, Fun, Colby Jack/Mixed Fruit Snacks/Teddy Grahams Graham Snacks Honey, 2 Pack 2 Ea

Looking for a snack kit that’s a little more playful? Try Sargento® Fun! Balanced Breaks® Colby-Jack Natural Cheese, Naturally Flavored Mixed Fruit Snacks & TEDDY GRAHAMS® Graham Snacks Honey snack kits. Buttery and creamy Colby-Jack Natural Cheese with crunchy and sweet TEDDY GRAHAMS® Honey flavored Graham Snacks, and chewy, mouthwatering, mixed fruit flavored snacks. Take a break, have a happy little snack, get back out there and win your day. From a third-generation, family-owned company.

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