Over The Moon Fat Free Milk Chocolate

Since 1925. Ultra-pasteurized. Vitamins A & D. Deliciously riche & creamy only fat free! Grade A. Our farmers pledge not to use artificial growth hormones. No significant difference has been shown in milk from cows treated with artificial growth hormone rBST and non-rBST treated cows. Over the Moon: 150 mg calcium; 11 g protein; 0 g total fat, 25 g sugar (per 8 fl oz serving). Who says you can't have it all? You crave the rich indulgent taste of creamy chocolate milk, but you're concerned about fat and calories. That's why we introduce Over the Moon Amazing Chocolate Milk for the whole family. Over the Moon Amazing Chocolate milk has the rich creamy taste of real chocolate milk with none of the fat and less sugar than the leading national chocolate milk brand. How can it taste so rich and creamy and be fat free? We add even more of the bone-building calcium and energy-sustaining protein that is naturally found in milk. So you have all the benefits of healthy fat free milk - with no compromise on rich, chocolatey taste. So pour yourself a glass - or drink it straight from the container (we won't tell anyone). It makes a great snack and is a healthy way to satisfy even the strongest chocolate cravings!

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