NESQUIK Vanilla Lowfat Milk 14 fl. oz.Bottle

Nesquik Vanilla Flavored Lowfat Milk offers 100% real milk for a classic and irresistibly delicious taste. This vanilla flavored lowfat milk contains no high fructose corn syrup, for delicious goodness that will deliver on the classic taste you love. Nesquik Vanilla Flavored Lowfat Milk is ready to drink, so it's easy to serve with meals, or as a delicious treat on its own. This flavored lowfat vanilla milk comes in a convenient resealable bottle. Containing 14 grams of protein per bottle from 100% real milk and Vitamin A and Vitamin D, Nesquik Vanilla Flavored Lowfat Milk also offers 30% more calcium than regular chocolate lowfat milk. Shake well before enjoying, and keep refrigerated after opening.

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