Meyenberg Goat Milk 0.5 gal

Since 1934. Ultra-pasteurized vitamin D goat milk. Easy to digest! Customer requested! Easy to open. Convenient spout. The Meyenberg Story: The Meyenberg tradition of producing quality goat milk began in the late 1800's when a Swiss immigrant invented the process for evaporating cow's milk. His son, John Meyenberg, could not drink cow's milk and in the green pastures of California he discovered delicious, naturally homogenized, and easy-on-the-stomach goat's milk. He knew that surely there must be others that would enjoy this miracle milk. In 1934, he was the first American to evaporate goat's milk and the family tradition continues today. Celebrating our 75th year, Meyenberg has kept the family pledge to produce the same natural, delicious, high-quality goat milk that our family has enjoyed for three generations. Proud winner of the prestigious American Taste Award of Excellence! A natural choice for those sensitive to cow milk and/or soy products with a delicious, creamy taste. Easy to digest for lactose sensitivity. High in calcium; low in sodium. Kosher and gluten-free. 1934-2009 75th anniversary. Award Winning Specialty Products: Artisan style. Ask your store manager to provide these fine products! Meyenberg is family owned and operates from the green valleys of Central California. We continue to maintain our standards of producing 100% natural products, we believe in the humane treatment of our kind goats with the absence of pesticides and chemicals, we support the sustainability of our environment. Our milk is free of antibiotics, preservatives, and our goats are not treated with growth hormones. Grade A. Recyclable only where facilities exist. To find out visit:

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