Fairlife Coffee Creamer, Lactose Free, Hazelnut

We are driven by a simple belief: we can always make the world better. Proper nourishment allows us all to grow and thrive. At fairlife, we provide the health and vitality people need by starting with the wholesome simplicity of real cow’s milk. Created for coffee lovers and connoisseurs, our brand-new collection of real dairy creamers is crafted with a touch of sweetness to help enhance the coffee experience at home. Made with just five ingredients, these smooth and balanced fairlife creamers deliver a hint of hazelnut flavor to help enrich the essence of your home brewed cup, without masking the coffee taste. They have 40% less sugar than regular coffee creamer, giving just the right amount of flavor during your morning routine. Our creamer is made with non-fat ultra-filtered milk. Our milk flows through soft filters, giving you the great taste you want with less sugar. Plus, there’s no artificial growth hormones used and it’s lactose free.

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