Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer 16 oz

Natural & artificial flavor. New! Per 1 Tbsp: 35 calories; 0 g sat fat (0% DV); 25 mg sodium (1% DV); 5 g sugars. These special edition Nestle Coffee-mate Chocolate Boutique Creations pair rich chocolate with gourmet flavors for a creamy, flavorful cup. Nutritional Compass: Nestle - Good food, good life. Good Question: If only I could have a variety of coffee house flavors in my coffee cup at home. Good To Know: Ahh, but you can! Coffee-Mate has over 20 delicious flavors so you can enjoy the cup you love in the comfort of your own home. Thoughtful Portion: 1 tbsp = 35 Cal. Use in moderation for your perfect cup. Good to Connect:; 1-800-637-8534. Please recycle. Non-dairy, lactose-free, gluten-free and cholesterol-free.

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