Organic Valley Chocolate Milk, Organic, Lowfat, 1% Milkfat 0.5 Gl

No artificial sweeteners. Super yummy! Ultra pasteurized. We Never Use: GMOs; antibiotics; toxic pesticides; synthetic hormones. Pasture-Raised Goodness: Organic Valley's commitment to high standards of animal care go above and beyond organic standards, because we know the best milk comes from happy cows. Yummy, Chocolatey, Organic: It's all the things you want and none of the things you don't. We start with organic milk from our pasture-raised cows that's free from antibiotics and artificial hormones. Then we add only organic ingredients - no artificial sweeteners - for a delicious chocolate milk made with organic fair-trade cocoa. It's even lactose free, so it's easy for all tummies to digest. From Our Family to Yours: Like you, we care about how food is grown, how it tastes, and how healthy it is for all living things. We are your neighbors, a national cooperative of real farmers growing real food the right way. Find your Organic Valley farmer at Always Handled with Care: 57 Quality Checks: We ensure your milk arrives tasting as fresh as it can be. Always Organic and Non-GMO: We never use: GMOs, antibiotics, toxic pesticides or synthetic hormones. Humane Animal Practices: Our organic animal care focuses on holistic health practices, including daily doses of sunshine, fresh air and pasture. The Pasture-Raised Difference: More time on pasture means our cows' milk naturally delivers omega-3 and CLA (This milk contains an average of 24 mg omega-3 and 17 mg CLA per serving). Keeping Chemicals Out of Your Food: We believe our farms, our food and our families shouldn't be chemistry experiments. Processed and packaged at plant stamped above. Homogenized.

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