Hood Carb Countdown Dairy Beverage, 2% Reduced Fat

40% Fewer calories than whole milk; 75% less sugar, 75% fewer carbs than whole milk, which naturally contains 12 g of sugar. Vitamins A & D Ultra pasteurized. Sweetened with Splenda. 38% Less fat than whole milk. Did you know that per serving whole milk has 12 g carbs and chocolate milk has 31 g carbs? That's why Hood introduced Carb Countdown Daily Beverage with 3 g of carbs per serving. That's 75% fewer carbs than whole milk! So if your diet leaves you missing the rich creamy taste of milk, try Carb Countdown. It's also an excellent source of calcium with 40 % fewer calories than whole milk. Go on,. refresh you taste buds and satisfy your craving without caving. Per 1 cup serving, 2% Reduced Fat Carb Countdown = 3 g total carbs, 90 calories, 5 g total fat & 3 g sugar. Whole milk = 12 g total carb, 150 calories, 8 g total fat & 12 g sugar.

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