Fairlife Milk 2% Chocolate Bottle, 11.5 fl oz

Ultra-filtered milk. 43% less fat than whole ultra-filtered milk (6 g vs 11 g per serving). 50% less sugar than chocolate milk. High quality protein: 19 g per serving. 9 essential nutrients. From cows not treated with rBST (FDA states: no significant difference has been shown between milk from cows treated and not treated with rBST growth hormones). Lactose free. Homogenized, UHT, grade A. Real. It’s simple! Our milk flows through soft filters to concentrate its goodness, like protein and calcium, while filtering out much of the natural sugar. Our Promise: We provide extraordinary animal care, and we can trace our milk back to the family farms that produced it, so you can confidently enjoy every sip. – Mike & Sue McCoaskey, Fairlife co-founders, dairy farmers. Fairlife 2% Chocolate Per Serving: 19 g protein; 17 g sugar; 500 mg calcium; no lactose. Regular Chocolate Milk Per Serving: 11 g protein; 34 g sugar; 392 mg calcium; lactose. Chocolate Almond Milk (Compared to the leading brand of chocolate almond milk) Per Serving: 1 g protein; 24 g sugar; 650 mg calcium; no lactose. Let’s chat! 855-LIVEFAIR. Recycle me. xxx

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