Nellie's Egg Bites, Sausage + Cheddar 4 Ea

Free range eggs. 4 egg bites per box. Actual size and packed with flavor! All natural (No artificial ingredients, minimally processed). Fully cooked. Perfect for on-the-go. Morning just got egg-stra easy. What the shell is that? Pronounced soo veed, it's a fancy French term for a specific method of cooking food, in this case our Nellie's Free Range Egg Bites! Our Sous Vide Egg Bites are cooked slowly, in a vacuum-sealed pouch, to a very precise temperature, in a water bath. This helps out bites retain the most flavor possible, and ensures they're cooked exactly the same way, every time. The result? An egg-cellent, mouthwatering snack that's sure to delight you (and your flock)! Certified Humane: Raised & handled. Certified B Corporation.

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