Happy Egg Large Brown Organic Free Range Eggs, Grade A Eggs, 12 count

Start your day in a happy place with Happy Egg Large Brown Organic Free Range Grade A Eggs. These beautiful, large brown eggs are laid by hens who receive no antibiotics, GMOs or added hormones, giving you true organic eggs that are perfect for every meal. Whether you're whipping them up for a quick breakfast or using them to bake a decadent treat, Happy Egg Free Range eggs will deliver perfection every time. The hens who lay these organic eggs are raised on over 8 acres of range that promotes their health and wellness, which in turn produces a delicious, high-quality carton of eggs. And, because Happy Egg hens get a rich, all-natural, vegetarian diet, these brown eggs are loaded with 6 grams of protein, Vitamin D, and Iron.

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