Handsome Brook Farm Eggs, Organic, Large 12 Ea

USDA Organic. Certified Organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC. Non-GMO. Organic pasture raised. Small farms, big hearts, brighter future. Live that handsome life. Step 1: Enjoy these amazing eggs. Step 2: Recycle or compost this package. Step 3: Get crackin on a better tomorrow! Grade A. handsomebrookfarms.com. American Humane Certified: Pasture raised eggs. humaneheartland.org. Creating a more humane, sustainable food system, from coop to carton. At Handsome Brook Farms, we believe that what's good for us and good for our planet has never been more aligned. That's why we've brought together a committed group of over 75 small family farms who know that the future of farming is a system that better connects our land, our hens, our planet and our customers. With no GMOs, antibiotics, pesticides, cages or crowded barns in sight, we think the future looks healthier and brighter for all of us. That's Handsome. Learn more at handsomebrookfarms.com.

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