Born Free Eggs, Fresh Brown, Large

Free range omega-3 + D. Certified humane raised & handled (Meets Humane Farm Animal program standards; which includes nutritious diet without antibiotics or hormones, animals raised with shelter, resting areas, sufficient space and the ability to engage in natural behaviors). Fed no antibiotics. Vegetarian fed. Fed no hormones. 200 mg omega-3 including 75 mg DHA omega-3 per serving. All natural. Fed a vegetarian diet. Support animal welfare! This carton is made from 100% recycled fiber. Fully recyclable and biodegradable. Thank you for supporting Animal Welfare! When you buy Born Free Eggs, you are helping to promote the important cause of Animal Welfare and also sustainable and humane farming practices. Your purchase allows our company to continue helping repair and improve the world in which we live through our charitable contributions. As a company we provide support to organizations which focus on the humane treatment of animals and also children. These include Humane Farm Animal Care and the American Humane Association along with several local sustainable causes. Born Free LLC donates a minimum of 10% of its profits to humane and sustainable causes. Please call us with any comments or questions at 1-800-370-1439 or visit our website at for more information - JJ & Ruthy.

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