Cuvee Cold Brew Coffee, Nitro Hemp Oil

Brewed cold in Austin, Texas. Direct trade. All natural. Zero sugar. Five calories. It's 5 am somewhere. One can of this = two cups of that. Nitro make it creamy without the cream. Crafted with pride at our world-class cold brewery. 36 degrees. There's no wrong way to drink cuvee. Pour into a glass or drink from the can. Our Story: If you believe in the powers of hemp oil, then we don't have to tell you all about it here. Which is good, because we aren't allowed. Regulations and all that. And we also don't have to tell you about the powers of Cuvee Cold Brew Nitro Coffee because it's in your hand. But inside this can is the flavor you love combined with odorless, tasteless and water-soluble hemp oil. Just one more innovation we are happy to share with the world. Bottoms up!

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