Organic Valley Butter, Pasture, Cultured 4 Ea

Minimally processed - no added flavors or colors. USDA Organic. Oregon Tilth Certified Organic. Organic is always non GMO. Lightly salted. Artisan-crafted. Slow churned May to September. Crafted in the Artisan Tradition: For hundreds of years, dairy farmers have known that summer's long days in the pasture, with fresh grass and sunshine, make for cows' richest cream and ultimately, the finest butter of the year. From May to September, when lush organic grasses naturally provide the highest levels of Omega-3 and CLA (This butter contains 105 mg omega-3 and 90 mg CLA per serving), our master buttermakers craft Organic Valley Pasture Butter. Our culturing process enriches the butter's natural sweetness and a little extra time in our vintage churn makes it smooth and creamy. The butter's deep yellow color hints at its rich flavor. To fully appreciate this time-honored delicacy, you'll just have to spread some on your favorite, fresh-baked bread. Bringing the good with a delicious recipe inside. First quality. 84% butterfat prized for baking. Pasture-raised. We never use antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides or GMOs. WIS Grade AA. Our cows are social and so are we! Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Thank you for choosing our products and sharing in the organic movement. ButterLock: Wrapped to seal in the goodness. 100% recycled carton. Please recycle. Product of the USA.

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