Minerva Dairy Butter, Amish

A Minerva Dairy tradition since 1894. Made with 84% butter fat - may change seasonally. Made from pasteurized cream. Naturally cultured. From 5th generation buttermakers. Just like grandma's homemade butter! The Minerva Dairy Family began making cheese in 1894, but just like making cheese on the farm, when you are done, cream is left. The small wooden churn from grandpa Max's farm that held 100 gallons of cream was used. This produced about 400 pounds of butter. Today the 5th generation buttermakers are still making butter by the batch in a slow churn. This old-fashion technique still requires a trained eye to know how long to churn, when to add the sea salt, and adjust churn time and speed. Minerva Dairy takes pride in our craft and demands a hands-on production that produces a taste that you just can't get from a programmed machine. Minerva Dairy believes in simple and wholesome ingredients. Farm fresh milk from our Amish milk producers and local generational family farms creates a cream unique from all others. Adding this cream with a top of the line sea salt are the only two ingredients you need for a naturally cultured butter. This is the butter you want for your table or as an ingredient in your homemade goodies. We serve only the best to our family and want to share it with yours. Supporting small dairy farmers. A healthy butter. Natural cheese and butter since 1894. www.minervadairy.com.

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